NANS with AAU Management and Special Intervention Team(SIT) end in deadlock

National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) with Ambrose Alli University (AAU) Management and Special Intervention Team(SIT) ended in deadlock

NANS with AAU Management and  Special Intervention Team(SIT) end in deadlock

In a significant development, a high-stakes meeting that brought together student leaders, the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), and a Special Intervention Team (SIT) has concluded without resolution, Myschoolnews report.

The meeting aimed to address pressing concerns, notably the recent approval of a minor increase in tuition fees for returning students in the Medicine faculty. The President of the Clinicals Faculty defended this decision, citing the absence of new enrolments and the financial needs of the university. However, it was emphasized that this fee adjustment exclusively pertained to the Clinical faculty and did not apply to the entire college.

In response, the SIT argued that there should be no distinction between faculties such as Medicine, Nursing, and others, as they all fall under the purview of the college.

Tensions escalated during the meeting as disagreements intensified. The Faculty Representative insisted that the Clinical faculty should not be equated with the entire college, further fueling the discord.

Additionally, it was revealed that all Presidents from the college had been invited to the meeting, but some declined to attend, contributing to the growing tension as they denied receiving invitations for such a gathering.

The mounting tensions eventually led to chaos within the meeting room, with multiple attempts to restore order proving unsuccessful. Consequently, the Special Intervention Team decided to walk out of the meeting, abruptly concluding the proceedings without a resolution.

This situation underscores the deep-seated divisions and unresolved disputes within the student body, emphasizing the urgent need for continued dialogue and resolution.