UNN Dismisses Admission Racketeering Allegations, Celebrates 288 First-Class Graduates

The University of Nigeria Nsukka Dismisses Admission Racketeering Allegations As It Celebrates 288 First-Class Graduates

UNN Dismisses Admission Racketeering Allegations, Celebrates 288 First-Class Graduates

In a recent press conference held in light of the 51st convocation ceremony, the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) emphatically refuted allegations of admission racketeering leveled against the institution. The controversy was brought to the forefront during a plenary session of the Nigerian Senate, where Senator Onyekachi Nwebonyi of Ebonyi North Senatorial district raised concerns about irregularities in the university's admission process.

UNN's Vice Chancellor, Prof Charles Igwe, staunchly defended the institution, asserting that the claims lacked empirical evidence and were driven by individuals who failed to secure admission due to intense competition. Igwe, addressing the press, suggested that such accusations were a result of the frustration of applicants who did not meet the cut-off marks for admission into highly sought-after professional courses.

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Dismissing the allegations as baseless, Igwe emphasized the commitment of the university to transparency in its admission procedures, a principle that he insisted forms the bedrock of the institution. He argued that the claims made by Senator Nwebonyi were far from reality and went against the transparency pillar upon which the University of Nigeria prides itself.

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The Vice Chancellor took the opportunity to reiterate the university's adherence to the Federal Government's established criteria for admissions. UNN follows a system that allocates 45 per cent of admissions based on merit, 35 per cent for catchment areas, and 20 per cent for Educationally Less Developed States (ELDS).

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Despite the controversy surrounding the admission process, the focus of the press conference also included the celebration of the 288 first-class graduates produced by the university. UNN remains steadfast in its dedication to maintaining academic excellence while debunking any claims of impropriety in its admission practices.