SDG-BUK Releases Update On Membership Application Requirements

Update on SDG-BUK Membership Application Requirements

SDG-BUK Releases Update On Membership Application Requirements

The SDG-BUK Students' Hub's Management extends their greetings to students interested in becoming members of this sustainable development-oriented group. It is a testament to your commitment to creating positive change in the world.

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To ensure that aspiring members are well-equipped with essential knowledge, the SDG-BUK Students' Hub has introduced a prerequisite for membership. Interested students must complete the "Sustainable Development" course offered through Coursera. The course serves as a foundational building block to equip you with the essential understanding of sustainable development.

After completing the course, it is crucial to obtain a certification. Once certified, kindly forward your certification to the provided contact below.

Course Link:

Coursera - Sustainable Development

Contact Details: 0703 133 3981

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We commend your dedication and willingness to embark on this impactful journey. The SDG-BUK Students' Hub wishes you the best of luck in your upcoming examinations. Your commitment to sustainable development will undoubtedly contribute to making the world a better place for all.

Warm Regards,

Abdullahi Abdullateef

Communication and Media Officer 1