Man Narrates How He Met His Wife During NECO Exams

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A young Nigerian man identified as Taofiq, narrates how he met his wife, Ronke at National Examination Council, (NECO) exams center years ago.

In an interview with Taofiq, he revealed that he met his wife during their NECO GCE exam in 2009. The man said that year would be the 8th or 9th time he would be writing the exam since he finished secondary school. 


In his words: “She approached me because she felt I was alone and not talking to anyone not knowing I was feeling too big to mingle with them all.” 


According to Taofiq, when Ronke realised how smart he is, the lady decided to sit by his side throughout the exams. 


The husband stated that after the exams were done, Ronke kept in touch as she felt they had a deep connection because of their birthdays. 


He said: “After the exam she always kept in touch because she felt there might be bond between us because of our birthdays. 


“Honestly, she practically forced me to be her friend. We got very close later on to the extent that she knew virtually all my friends and friends with benefits.” 


“Taofiq added that while they were friends, they both had different people they were dating. He stated that he never knew how se’xually appealing she was until she sent him a photo. 


They later got married in 2019. The man, however, said that he does not consider birthday special like his wife does, adding that their birthdays were the reason the woman married him. 


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