“My Church Paid My School Fees Throughout,” Nigerian Lady Reveals

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A Nigerian lady identified as @flourishJo has come out to reveal that her church took up the burden to pay her university school fees throughout her stay in school.

At a time when many always clamour for churches to use tithes and offerings to better people’s lives, a young lady has gone online to share what she benefited from her church. 


Quoting a tweet asking people to talk about the good things their churches have done for them, she said: “My church paid my tuition throughout uni.” 


Her comment section became an avenue when more people came to speak about the kindness they got from their places of worship. 


Some of the reactions below: 


@Bata_affairs said: “My church came through for my family when my dad passed,placed me on scholarship and employed my mum. RCCG is the best that can ever happen to you.” 


@FRANCISABATAI said: “What about others? Were you the only one that had admission in your church that year?” 


@bukky57067 said: “My aunt had an accident and her arm broke, she needed a surgery. wrote a letter to the church no response, she went to see the elders they kept on scoping her till they told her not to disturb them again. She was born in that church and she’s over 30 now and arm not still fixed.” 


@AweleNwa said: “Those are the only churches that deserve tithe… The ones that help people in need.” 


@neextyjing1 said: “My pastor gave me money to service my car that am using for bolt job when I don’t have money.” 


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