ABSU SUG Hosts Inter-Faculty Debate on Social Media Regulation for Public Safety

Abia State University's Student Union Government, led by Comr. Okon Victor, organizes a dynamic Inter-Faculty Debate tackling the theme of social media content regulation in the interest of public safety, aiming to stimulate critical discourse among students and faculty.

ABSU SUG Hosts Inter-Faculty Debate on Social Media Regulation for Public Safety

In an effort to foster critical thinking and engage students in intellectual discourse, the Secretary General of the Abia State University Student Union Government, Comr. Okon Victor, is set to host an exhilarating Inter-Faculty Debate. This anticipated event, themed "A World Where the Government Would Regulate Social Media Content for the Sake of Public Safety," promises to ignite insightful discussions among students.

Scheduled to take place from the 22nd to the 24th of February 2024, at the prestigious Education Theatre, the Inter-Faculty Debate is poised to attract participants from various disciplines across the university.

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Comr. Okon Victor, alongside the SUG PRO, invites all students, faculty members, and stakeholders to witness this intellectually stimulating event. The debate aims to explore the complexities surrounding the regulation of social media content, considering its implications on public safety and individual freedoms.

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Attendees can expect thought-provoking arguments, impassioned rebuttals, and a platform for diverse perspectives to converge. This event serves as a testament to Abia State University's commitment to academic excellence and the cultivation of informed, responsible citizens.

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For more details and updates, please refer to the official flyer circulated by the Student Union Government.

Let's come together to engage, enlighten, and inspire at the Inter-Faculty Debate of Abia State University!