Covenant University Professor Advocates Dietary Solutions to Address Societal Challenges

Professor Israel Afolabi from Covenant University suggests using dietary approaches as software to tackle crime at the national level, emphasizing the critical role of good nutrition, especially during childhood, in influencing behavior.

Covenant University Professor Advocates Dietary Solutions to Address Societal Challenges

Professor Israel Afolabi, an expert in nutritional biochemistry and phytomedicine from Covenant University, has proposed leveraging dietary approaches as program software to combat crime and societal ills in Nigeria. Speaking at the institution's 31st Inaugural Lecture, Afolabi emphasized the critical role of nutrition in influencing behavior, particularly during childhood, and advocated for government intervention in promoting access to good nutrition.

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Afolabi underscored the importance of food and nutrients as tools for driving positive human behavior and urged the government to establish a Ministry of Food Processing to prioritize the sector's development. He also emphasized the need for technological advancement to engage youths and reduce crime rates, calling for proper education to foster critical thinking and practical global competition.

To support food processing and research initiatives, Afolabi suggested classifying essential food processing units under relevant ministries and incentivizing industries producing nutritious products. He highlighted his research contributions, including the development of novel food preservation methods and nutritious plant-based milk, aimed at addressing food security challenges and promoting infant health.

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The Vice-Chancellor of Covenant University, Professor Abiodun Adebayo, echoed the importance of addressing food insecurity and nutritional deficiencies, emphasizing the institution's commitment to advancing research in this area. He urged the government to prioritize agricultural diversification to enhance food security and mitigate rising costs of goods and services.

Afolabi's advocacy for dietary solutions reflects a holistic approach to addressing societal challenges, emphasizing the pivotal role of nutrition in promoting well-being and security. As stakeholders collaborate to implement these recommendations, Nigeria can harness the power of food to foster a healthier and more prosperous society.

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