Federal University Lafia (FULAFIA) Postgraduate Courses

Federal University Lafia (FULAFIA) Postgraduate Courses

The administrative body of the Federal University of Lafia (FULAFIA) is pleased to publicise its roster of postgraduate programmes for the forthcoming 2022/2023 academic term.

FULAFIA Online Postgraduate Programmes

Humanities and Social Sciences

  • PGD, M.A., M.Phil/PhD in French: Delve into the intricacies of the French language and culture.
  • PGD in History (Museum & Hospitality): Engage in specialised studies focusing on museums and the hospitality sector.
  • Masters in Diplomacy, Security & Strategic Studies (MSS): Equip yourself for global challenges in diplomacy and security.
  • Doctorate in Diplomacy, Security & Strategic Studies (DSS): Conduct advanced research in diplomacy and security.
  • Master of Professional Ethics (MPE): Examine the moral dimensions of professional life.

Economics and Finance

  • PGD in Economics (Public Finance): Develop a profound understanding of economics with a focus on public finance.
  • Masters in Financial Economics (Professional): Hone financial skills relevant to the complexities of modern economies.

Peace and Conflict Resolution

  • Masters in Peace & Conflict Studies (Professional): Engage with theories and methods for resolving conflicts and promoting peace.

FULAFIA Regular Onsite Postgraduate Programmes

English Studies

  • M.A., M.Phil/PhD in English Language: Engage in rigorous academic study of English linguistics.
  • M.A., M.Phil/PhD in English Literature: Analyse various literary works and contribute to existing literature.

History, Art and Philosophy

  • M.A., M.Phil/PhD in History & International Studies: Discover the complexities of historical narratives and international relations.
  • M.A., PhD in Theatre & Media Arts: Immerse yourself in the rich world of theatre and media.
  • PGD, M.A., MPhil/PhD in Philosophy: Investigate the foundational questions of existence, ethics, and meaning.
  • M.A., M.Phil/PhD in Visual & Creative Arts: Engage deeply with creative processes and visual forms of expression.
  • Masters in Fine Arts (Art History): Explore the historical contexts of fine arts.

Sciences and Technology

  • PGD, M.Sc., PhD in Computer Science: Master the computational skills required in the 21st century.
  • PGD, M.Sc., M.Phil/PhD in Chemistry: Investigate chemical processes and their applications.
  • PGD, M.Sc., M.Phil/PhD in Mathematics: Enhance your understanding of mathematical theories and their applications.
  • M.Sc., M.Phil/PhD in Microbiology: Examine the microscopic organisms that influence our world.
  • PGD, M.Sc., M.Phil/PhD in Plant Science & Biotech: Learn about plant biology and biotechnological applications.
  • PGD, M.Sc., M.Phil/PhD in Physics: Understand the principles that govern the universe.
  • PGD, M.Sc., M.Phil/PhD in Zoology: Explore animal biology and ecology.

Social and Political Sciences

  • M.Sc., M.Phil/PhD in Economics: Conduct advanced studies in economic theories and policies.
  • PGD, M.Sc., M.Phil/PhD in Sociology: Investigate societal structures and their influences.
  • PGD, M.Sc., M.Phil/PhD in Social Work: Learn professional skills required for effective social work.
  • M.Sc., M.Phil/PhD in Political Science: Investigate the workings of political systems.
  • M.Sc. in International Relations & Diplomacy: Understand global politics and diplomatic relations.

In summary, the Federal University of Lafia offers a myriad of postgraduate programmes designed to cater to a broad spectrum of academic interests. With this comprehensive guide, prospective students are better equipped to make informed decisions for their postgraduate studies.