Jamb Subject Combination for Law

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Are you about to register for jamb to seek admission into faculty of law in the university? if yes, This is the jamb subject combination for law. Law is studied under faculty of law in most Nigerian universities. This is one faculty that doesn’t really have departments like others, the only thing obtainable here are areas of specialization. This article also bring you information on how to test the level at which your intended course is lucrative.

Jamb Subject Combination for Law

Jamb Subject Combination for Law

The subject combinations are;

  • English,
  • Literature,
  • Economics and any other Art Subject.

Having known the subject combination for law, before you apply to any institution to study law, ensure that that institution has a functional faculty of law.

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Signals to know that your Choice of Course is Lucrative

These are the step to find out if your course is lucrative or not. This test is not to scare you concerning the forth coming jamb Utme examination, but just to make you up and very studious in order to beat the competition and be qualified for admission into faculty of law in any university of your choice.

  • The number of people who applied for it, jamb releases a list of the total number of students who applied for a particular course yearly, look for the list to know where your course is placed and how many people applied for it, the number of applicants determine the popularity of the course.
  • The cut off marks; another way of knowing the popularity of a course is the jamb cut off marks. While other courses will be very comfortable admitting candidates with 200 jamb score, others are asking for 250 and above.
  • When this happens all you need do is study hard to beat the highly tensed competition, and do not forget to find out if the university who want to choose admits students into the school.
  • This is one of the reasons why you should combine your subjects correctly, because the least chance the school gets, they may reject you.

After discovering this, like we said earlier it is inconsequential to your success during the examination only if you make up your mind to win.

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