House of Representatives Committee Investigates TETFUND Utilization at Taraba State University

In a pivotal move towards ensuring transparency and accountability in education funding, the Federal House of Representatives' Ad-hoc Committee for the Disbursed Utilization of TETFUND (Tertiary Education Trust Fund) by institutions in Nigeria visited Taraba State University today.

House of Representatives Committee Investigates TETFUND Utilization at Taraba State University

The institution's Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Sunday Paul Bako, played host to this critical examination of educational investments.

TETFUND, established by the Federal Government of Nigeria in 2011, serves as a vital mechanism for the disbursement, management, and monitoring of education tax to government-owned tertiary institutions across the nation.

The committee, comprised of distinguished members of the National Assembly, including Hon. Jingo Rufai, Rt. Hon. Dr. Mark Bako Useni, Rt Hon. James Barka, and Hon. David Abel Fouh, arrived at the university with a mission to scrutinize the utilization of approved TETFUND project funds by various educational institutions in Taraba State.

One of their primary responsibilities was to inspect TETFund-sponsored projects within these institutions, ensuring that all initiatives were executed effectively and efficiently.

Government-owned institutions in Taraba State, including Federal University Wukari, Taraba State University in Jalingo, Federal Polytechnic in Bali, Taraba State Polytechnic in Suntai, and Taraba State College of Education in Zing, diligently provided documents for verification. They also took an oath, pledging sincerity and truthfulness during the committee's inspection.

Commendably, the Committee's chairman expressed appreciation for the warm reception extended by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Sunday Paul Bako, despite the short notice of the visit. The Committee Vice Chairman also conveyed gratitude to the leaders of the various institutions for their cooperation in the investigation.

In response, Vice-Chancellor Prof. Sunday Paul Bako acknowledged and appreciated the committee members for their commitment to this crucial exercise, reinforcing the university's dedication to accountability and excellence in education.

This visit marks a significant step toward ensuring that educational funds are utilized efficiently and in alignment with the objectives of enhancing the quality of education in Nigeria. The committee's findings and recommendations are eagerly awaited, with the hope of fostering a brighter future for the nation's educational institutions. Stay tuned for further updates on this important investigation.