Indomie Noodles Meet With UDUS Hall Governors, Introduce Inter Hostel Challenge

Indomie Noodles Meet With UDUS Hall Governors, Introduce Inter Hostel Challenge

Indomie Noodles has on Monday 21st November 2022 met with the UDUS Hall Governors and Students' Union to discuss an Inter hostel challenge in the University. 

Speaking, the Indomie Campus Ambassador for UDUS, Adeyemi Muhammad disclosed that Indomie as an organization will be coming to the University tomorrow to host an inter hostel challenge. 

Acknowledging the Indomie Campus Ambassadors for UDUS, Adeyemi Muhammad and Halima Ahmad, Mr. Ariyo Babatunde, the Indomie Noodles Coordinator who covers 15 State in the North, added that the inter hostel challenge will be for 15 days and will be starting tomorrow as the opening day. 

We'll cook Indomie and share for free, we'll share noodles for some people, and we'll do some games and other things as well. He said. 

In his words, he said: "we're trying to promote our brand, when you buy the Indomie, don't throw the sachet away, drop the sachet in the ballot box in your hostel. The first seven days, our ICs will go round to count the ballot box, and the last seven days, we'll be counting again and coming around with our gifts, while the counting will be in the presence of the Hall Governor" 

Speaking on prices, the Coordinator, Mr. Babatunde noted that the first winner will receive a TV and DSTV, the second winner will receive a Fridge, while the third will receive a Microwave and Indomie. 

The challenge begins tomorrow as students are to buy the noodles "Beef and Pepper Soup Flavour" and keep the sachet to be put inside the ballot, he said. 

Six ballot box are to be provided, while the hostels on campus will be categorized into six, Jibril Aminu Hostel from Block A to E as one, Block F to J as one, Kwankwasiya Hostel, I Block, and Old PG will be merged as one, Zamfara hostel and New UG II as one, DV hostel and FBI as one, Bakassi Hostel Block A and B as one. 

The programme is to kick off on Tuesday, 22nd November 2022 at Motion Ground, opposite GT Bank, UDUS, as from 3:00PM to 6:00PM.