Nigerians Groan Over Poor Circulation of New Naira Notes (VIDEO)

Nigerians Groan Over Poor Circulation of New Naira Notes (VIDEO)
Nigerians Groan Over Poor Circulation of New Naira Notes (VIDEO)

As the deadline for depositing the old naira notes draws nearer, Nigerians lament over the non-circulation of the new naira notes.

The deadline was fixed on January 31st, 2023.

In an interview carried out by myschoolnewstv, a student known as Uchenna Emmanuel complained about not being able to focus on his academics due to the stress of changing the old naira notes since Wednesday.

He said “this has really been so stressful. Since on Wednesday, I have been trying to change my old naira notes and it is so hectic. I have not been able to concentrate on my school activities because I am trying to deposit the money in the bank”

Another student confirmed this when interviewed.

She said “It is not easy. I have been unable to deposit my school fees since yesterday morning, I have to go to the bank by 6.00 am to deposit the money”

A student known as chidera also lamented over not being able to get the new naira note after waiting in a bank cue for several hours. She complained “I have been here since morning and I am not able to go inside the bank. We have been standing outside the bank for the past six hours. After writing our names which were about 400, it was canceled. Lots of people have been waiting to get the new naira notes. Both the young and the old. I feel the new naira notes are not in circulation”

She also lamented over her inability to spend the old naira notes as shop owners and retailers rejected the money.

A shuttle passenger known as Dozie sadly complained that the shuttle driver also rejected the old naira notes. He stated “it is not easy to get the new naira notes but we will get over it. The driver just rejected my 200 naira old notes. It cannot be easy to cope with it. Anytime money is changed, it is always a difficult period but we will get over it sooner or later”

This was confirmed by a shuttle known as Kenneth. He complained “we are suffering so much. We lose many passengers because of the old naira notes. We are not accepting old naira notes, we find it difficult to change them in the bank. The new naira note is not circulating”

Another driver known as Linus also complained of not being able to deposit the old naira notes in the bank.

Furthermore, retailers also expressed their worry over poor sales due to the no circulation of new naira notes.

They pleaded that the deadline is extended for some months for people to get access to the new naira notes. Thanks for reading, Click Here to watch the Interview conducted by myschoolnews.