NYSC Requires Graduation Date Verification for Orientation Camp Registration

Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) are encouraged to promptly liaise with their SAOs at their respective institutions to resolve any issues related to their graduation dates, to ensure a smooth registration process upon arrival at the orientation camp.

NYSC Requires Graduation Date Verification for Orientation Camp Registration

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has announced that Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) with discrepancies between their date of graduation as uploaded on the NYSC portal, and the date stated in their Statement of Results, face potential registration issues at the upcoming orientation camp. 

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NYSC emphasized that the affected PCMs must resolve these discrepancies with their respective Student Affairs Officers (SAO) before reporting to the camp.

According to the NYSC guidelines, the accuracy of data, particularly concerning academic credentials, is crucial for registration into the orientation camp. PCMs are advised to verify and reconcile any inconsistencies between the graduation dates provided during registration on the NYSC portal and the dates documented in their official Statement of Results.

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Failure to rectify these discrepancies prior to reporting to the orientation camp may result in the non-registration of affected PCMs. This precautionary measure is aimed at maintaining the integrity of the registration process and ensuring that only eligible PCMs are admitted into the NYSC program.