Others went for degree, I Went to School to Bag Up a Wife- Afah Priest Ezedibia, ABSU Graduate

Afah Priest Ezedibia, an ABSU graduate, celebrates his degree and the wife he met during his 10-year journey, exemplifying perseverance and love.

Others went for degree, I Went to School to Bag Up a Wife- Afah Priest Ezedibia, ABSU Graduate
Afah Priest Ezedibia and his bride

On 13 April 2024, an Abia State University (ABSU) student, Afah Priest Ezedibia, celebrated a significant milestone—a journey that began in 2014. While many pursue degrees for career advancement, Ezedibia’s ten-year academic experience led him to an unexpected, but rewarding, achievement.

What makes his story unique isn't just the academic degree he earned after four years at ABSU, but also the life partner he found along the way.

He shared his journey on his Facebook handle with some of his wedding pictures, stating that, "Others went to school to bag up a degree that might be invalid; I went to school to bag up a Wife that is valid with a degree & productivity. This is the result and outcome of my time at ABSU."

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His message is clear: while degrees are important, the relationships and experiences gained during the university years can be even more valuable.

Despite the unconventional approach to academic life, Ezedibia still values education. He ends his reflection with the words, "Yet for school, I still be acada tested and trusted," emphasizing the enduring significance of his education at ABSU. 

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Ezedibia's story is a testament to the lasting impact a university can have on a student's life, both in education and in building lasting relationships. He acknowledges that despite the common stereotypes about academic life, ABSU has proved to be a place of knowledge and opportunity. 

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Despite the ups and downs, Ezedibia's journey has been fulfilling and fruitful. He proudly carries the title of ABSU graduate, ready to take on the world with the knowledge and love he found along the way.

This proud ABSU graduate's story is one that celebrates both academic success and the enduring bonds of love. It proves that determination and perseverance can lead to remarkable outcomes.