UBTH MLS holds first inaugural scientific conference

University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH) Medical Laboratory Service (MLS) held her first inaugural scientific conference

UBTH MLS holds first inaugural scientific conference

The University of Benin Teaching Hospital's (UBTH) Medical Laboratory Services recently achieved a significant milestone by hosting its inaugural Scientific Conference at the Tetfund Lecture Hall. This remarkable event unfolded over the course of two enlightening days, on September 7th and 8th, 2023, Myschoolnews report.

Distinguished luminaries in the field of medical laboratory science converged at this momentous gathering to delve into the conference's overarching theme, “Entrenching QMS and research as essential Medical Laboratory Practice ” The spotlight shone brightly on the pivotal role that Quality Management Systems (QMS) and research play in the delivery of healthcare solutions.

A notable feature of this conference was the lineup of seasoned speakers, which includes Prof. Stanley Okugbo, Mrs. Oyebimpe Balogun (Senior Program Manager, Institute of Human Virology Abuja), Dr. Godwin Igharo (Associate Prof. and Assistant Director, Research Laboratory, UNIBEN), Dr. Paul Imade (Assistant Director, Medical Microbiology, UBTH), Mr. Isaac Igbarumah (Head Molecular Lab, UBTH), Mr. Iyamah Ehijie (Asst. Dir. HAEM & BTS), Dr. Odega Kelvin (Asst. Dir. Histopathology Dept), Mr. Ibadin Ephraim (CMLS, Medical Microbiology, UBTH), Mr. Theophilous Iyayi, and Mrs. Eranga-Muhammadkabir Mary. Each contributed their expertise to align with UBTH's overarching mission of advancing healthcare solutions.

Among these luminaries, one could witness a harmonious blend of insights and perspectives that underscored the hospital's commitment to excellence and innovation in healthcare.

While highlighting various facets of medical laboratory practice, the speakers collectively emphasized the value of teamwork, QMS, research, and council involvement. These elements, when harmonized, constitute the bedrock of UBTH's relentless pursuit of delivering the highest standards of healthcare.

The insights shared underscore UBTH's steadfast dedication to delivering high-quality healthcare solutions, emphasizing precision, innovation, and excellence in medical laboratory services.

This conference marks a significant stride in advancing healthcare practices, not only within UBTH but also beyond its walls.