UNILAG Collaborates With PAMWG and MMSN to Hosts Pioneering Training

UNILAG hosts pioneering training in collaboration with PAMWG, MMSN, and NIFUSCAB to address healthcare challenges posed by fungal infections in Africa. Led by esteemed experts like Dr. Rita Oladele, this initiative brings together healthcare professionals from across the continent to deepen their understanding and foster collective efforts in combating these often-overlooked health threats.

UNILAG Collaborates With PAMWG and MMSN to Hosts Pioneering Training

Embarking on a groundbreaking initiative, the College of Medicine, University of Lagos (CMUL-UNILAG) played host to a comprehensive training on infectious fungal infections. This initiative, organized by the Pan African Mycology Working Group (PAMWG) in collaboration with the Medical Mycology Society of Nigeria (MMSN) and Nigerian Fungal Disease Surveillance and Capacity Building (NIFUSCAB), draws participants from across Africa.

Convened by Dr. Rita Oladele, an Associate Professor at UNILAG's Department of Medical Microbiology & Parasitology and President of MMSN, the program aims to deepen understanding and foster collaboration in addressing the significant healthcare challenges posed by fungal infections in Africa.

Dr. Oladele, a renowned mycologist, emphasized the high burden of fungal infections in Africa, which often result in fatalities comparable to Tuberculosis and Malaria. She highlighted the lack of awareness and knowledge about these infections, prompting PAMWG to organize training for healthcare professionals across the continent.

Vice-Chancellor of the University of Lagos, Professor Folasade Ogunsola, represented by Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Bola Oboh, commended the initiative's significance. Acknowledging PAMWG's efforts, Professor Ogunsola expressed support for workshops fostering knowledge exchange, skill enhancement, and professional networking.

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The training serves as a platform for clinicians, microbiologists, scientists, pharmacists, and technicians to collaboratively address the multifaceted nature of fungal diseases. The PAMWG, an International Society for Human and Animal Mycology (ISHAM) working group, is dedicated to advancing understanding, diagnosis, and management of invasive fungal infections in Africa, making strides in enhancing patient outcomes, and building regional expertise.