YABATECH Change of Course for ND, BSC & HND candidates

Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH) Change of Course for ND, BSC & HND candidates

YABATECH Change of Course for ND, BSC  & HND candidates

This is to inform all candidates that applied to the Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH), Yaba, for the 2022/2023 National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND)  who are yet to be offered admission, that there is an opportunity for change to the under-listed National Diploma (ND) and B.Sc Education (4 year Degree) and HND Programmes., Myschoolnews report.

National Diploma Programmes

1. ND Agricultural & Bio-Environmental Engineering

2. ND Hospitality Management

3. ND Metallurgical Engineering

4. ND Polymer Technology

5. ND Printing Technology

6. ND Quantity Surveying

7. ND Surveying & Geo-Informatics

8. ND Textile Technology

9. ND Urban & Regional Planning

10. ND Welding & Fabrication

B.Sc (Education) Programmes:

1. B.Sc (Ed.) Home Economics Education

2. B.Sc (Ed.) Industrial Technical Education

3. B.Sc (Ed.) Integrated Science Education

4. B.Sc (Ed.) Mathematics Education

5. B.Sc (Ed.) Physics Education

Higher National Diploma

1. HND Textile Design

2. HND Ceramics

3. HND Environmental Biology

4. HND Physics with Electronics

5. HND Graphics Design 

6. HND Painting

7. HND Printing Technology

(Candidates for ND – Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering are eligible for Industrial Technical Education

Requirements for B.Sc Educ. Degree Programmes:

1. Minimum of 160 JAMB Score

2. Minimum of 45% Aggregate Score


NOTE:  Interested candidates should first apply for a change to their preferred course/programme on JAMB Portal and thereafter apply for a change to the same programme on the College Portal


Interested candidates for B.Sc (Education) programmes should also apply for change on JAMB Portal to Yabatech in Affiliation with the University of Nigeria Nsukka.  Thereafter, they should apply for change on the College Portal.


Interested candidates should write an application for Migration to the Deputy Rector (Academics) through the Deputy Registrar (Admissions).

The deadline for the Change of Course application is Sunday, 12.00 midnight of May 28, 2023.  Interested candidates should ensure compliance.

For further enquiry, contact the Admissions Department for prompt attention. Please avoid patronising touts.

Thank you.