EKSU Releases Important Requirements for 100-Level Students Ahead of Upcoming Exams

Ekiti State University (EKSU) 100-level students gearing up for their upcoming exams have been reminded of several essential requirements they need to fulfill.

EKSU Releases Important Requirements for 100-Level Students Ahead of Upcoming Exams

As the end of the semester approaches, 100-level students of Ekiti State University (EKSU) are reminded of essential requirements they need to fulfill in preparation for their forthcoming exams. These requirements are crucial for ensuring a smooth examination process and must be completed to avoid any disruptions during the exam period.

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List of Requirements:

  1. School Fee Receipt (Invoice): Students must present proof of payment of their school fees by providing the school fee receipt or invoice.

  2. Smart School (Invoice): Additionally, students are required to show evidence of payment for the Smart School platform, which may include an invoice or receipt.

  3. Faculty Due (Invoice): Payment of faculty dues is mandatory, and students must provide proof of payment in the form of an invoice.

  4. SUG Due: Students are also expected to settle their Student Union Government (SUG) dues to be eligible to write the exams.

  5. Association Due (Faculty and Department Fee): Payment of association dues, including faculty and department fees, is necessary for exam participation.

  6. Exam Permits: Students must obtain exam permits, which serve as authorization to take the exams. These permits are usually issued by the university's examination office.

  7. Clearance: Clearance from the university, indicating that students have met all necessary requirements for the semester, is essential for exam eligibility.

  8. Courses Form: Finally, students need to ensure they have completed and submitted all necessary course registration forms for the semester.

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Important Note: It is crucial to emphasize that failure to complete any of the listed requirements may result in students being barred from writing their exams. Therefore, students are urged to ensure that all documents and payments are in order well before the exam period begins.

In conclusion, EKSU 100-level students must adhere to the specified requirements outlined by the university to facilitate a seamless examination process. By fulfilling these obligations, students can focus on their studies and perform their best during the upcoming exams.

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