FUTA Hosts JUPEB Annual Workshop for Tutors

The Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA), hosted the Joint University Preliminary Examinations Board's (JUPEB) Annual Workshop, focusing on navigating diverse learning methodologies to enhance academic excellence among JUPEB students.

FUTA Hosts JUPEB Annual Workshop for Tutors

The Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) recently hosted the Joint University Preliminary Examinations Board's (JUPEB) Annual Workshop at the Obafemi Awolowo Auditorium of the institution. The workshop, held from March 12th to 13th, 2024, brought together participants from various universities under the theme 'Navigating Diverse Learning Methodology to Foster Academic Excellence of JUPEB Students.'

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In her keynote address, Vice Chancellor Professor Adenike Oladiji, represented by Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Taiwo Amos, highlighted the significance of the program in aligning with FUTA's vision to become a world-class University of Technology. She emphasized the crucial role of a world-class workforce in achieving this vision, underscoring the workshop's importance in developing one of the university's key programs.

Professor Oladiji stressed the critical role of navigating diverse learning methodologies in ensuring excellent performance and competitiveness among JUPEB students. She urged all participants to leverage the workshop as an opportunity to acquire new methods and skills, commending the Center for Continuing Education at FUTA for organizing and hosting the event.

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Professor Solomon Okunuga, Registrar of JUPEB, highlighted the dynamic nature of teaching, emphasizing the need for a variety of methods to meet the diverse learning needs of students. He identified traditional lecture-style presentations, interactive discussions, hands-on activities, and technology-based tools as effective teaching methods, highlighting the importance of inclusivity in teaching practices.

Professor Okunuga elaborated on inclusive learning methods, describing them as equitable-focused teaching approaches that create a conducive learning environment for all students, regardless of background or identity. He outlined the features and benefits of inclusive teaching, including improved student confidence, participation, engagement, and attitude towards education.

In her welcoming address, Director of the Center for Continuing Education, FUTA, Professor Christiana Oladipo, expressed FUTA's pleasure in hosting the workshop for dedicated educators committed to realizing JUPEB's mandate and vision. She emphasized the workshop's aim of fostering knowledge sharing among subject facilitators and educators from different institutions to enhance teaching practices.

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JUPEB, established in April 2014 by a consortium of ten partnering universities, including the University of Lagos, conducts standardized examinations for candidates seeking Direct Entry admissions into university courses at the 200 Level in Nigerian and partnering foreign universities. 

The workshop at FUTA served as a platform for educators to exchange ideas and strategies to improve teaching methodologies and ultimately enhance academic excellence among JUPEB students.