Grieving Mother Blames Lecturer for Daughter's Tragic Death Amidst Academic Struggles at Ebonyi State University

Favour Ugwuka, a final-year student, took her own life after repeatedly failing a particular course.

Grieving Mother Blames Lecturer for Daughter's Tragic Death Amidst Academic Struggles at Ebonyi State University

In a tragic incident that has sent shockwaves through Ebonyi State University (EBSU) and the wider community, Favour Ugwuka, a final-year student, took her own life after repeatedly failing a particular course. The heartbroken mother of the deceased, devastated by the loss of her daughter, has publicly blamed Prof. Amaechi Enyi, the lecturer responsible for the course, accusing him of being a major factor in her daughter's despair.

The Heartbreaking Incident

Favour Ugwuka, who hailed from a different part of Nigeria, was an ambitious young woman with dreams of completing her studies and pursuing a successful career. However, her aspirations were cut short after she failed a specific course multiple times, leading to an extended stay at the university. In a desperate and emotional voice note recorded before her death, Favour expressed her anguish over her academic struggles, her feelings of marginalization, and her frustration with the academic system.

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In her voice note, Favour lamented her repeated failures in Prof. Enyi’s course, claiming it had extended her time at the university by an extra year. She also voiced her belief that she was being treated unfairly because she was not from Abakaliki, the capital of Ebonyi State. Her final act of taking a poisonous substance, known as "sniper," marked a tragic end to her struggle.

A Mother's Grief

Favour’s mother, in a moment of profound grief and anger, directed her blame towards Prof. Enyi. “Prof. Enyi said he is the best, nobody can teach like him. He should come and carry my daughter who has committed suicide,” she lamented, accusing the lecturer of being overly strict and unyielding.


Defense of Prof. Enyi

Prof. Enyi, a well-respected lecturer known for his strict adherence to academic standards, has faced scrutiny in the wake of this tragedy. Many former students and colleagues have come to his defense, emphasizing his integrity and commitment to maintaining high academic standards.

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One such defender, a former student, stated, “Enyi that I know doesn’t compromise academic standards. The man in question taught me too. He doesn’t collect bribes, and if you collect on his behalf, you’ll pay dearly for it.” This perspective highlights the complex nature of the situation, suggesting that Prof. Enyi's rigorous academic expectations, while difficult for some students, are not motivated by malice or unfairness.


The Broader Context

This incident has sparked a wider debate about the pressures faced by students and the role of educators in maintaining academic standards while supporting students’ mental health. Critics argue that failing a course multiple times can be a crushing blow to a student's self-esteem and future prospects, especially when compounded by feelings of marginalization and isolation.


In the context of Nigerian higher education, where resources are often limited, and the stakes are incredibly high, the balance between maintaining academic integrity and providing adequate support for students is a delicate one. Prof. Enyi’s supporters argue that his strict policies are necessary to ensure that graduates are truly prepared for the challenges they will face in their careers. However, this perspective does not lessen the tragedy of Favour’s death or the pain of her family.


The Call for Justice and Change

Favour’s family and supporters are calling for a thorough investigation into the circumstances leading to her death. They demand answers and accountability, not only from the university but also from the broader educational system that they believe failed her.

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The heart-wrenching story of Favour Ugwuka serves as a grim reminder of the immense pressures faced by students and the critical need for a supportive and understanding educational environment. It also raises important questions about how universities can balance the demands of academic rigor with the need to protect and nurture the mental health of their students.


As the investigation continues, the academic community and society at large must reflect on this tragic incident. There is an urgent need for policies that provide better support for students struggling academically and emotionally, ensuring that no other family has to endure the pain that Favour Ugwuka's family is now experiencing.


Favour’s death is not just a personal tragedy but a call to action for educators, administrators, and policymakers to create a more compassionate and supportive educational system.