Thomas Adewumi University Hosts Insightful Lecture by Dr. Mahmud Abdulraheem at 1st ACSPN Empowerment Series

Thomas Adewumi University (TAU) in Kwara State hosted the inaugural ACSPN Empowerment Series, featuring a lecture by Dr. Mahmud Abdulraheem.

Thomas Adewumi University Hosts Insightful Lecture by Dr. Mahmud Abdulraheem at 1st ACSPN Empowerment Series

Thomas Adewumi University (TAU) in Kwara State marked a significant milestone by hosting the inaugural Association of Communication Scholars & Professionals of Nigeria (ACSPN) Empowerment Series. The highlight of the event was a captivating lecture delivered by Dr. Mahmud Abdulraheem, a distinguished figure in media and communication.

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Dr. Abdulraheem, who has an illustrious career as the former General Manager of Kwara State Broadcasting Corporation and Kwara State Television Service, and CEO of Gerin 95.5FM, Ilorin, addressed the theme “Navigating Legal & Ethical Minefields: Upholding Journalism Principles in the Digital Age.” His presentation resonated deeply with the attendees, including students, academic luminaries, and media professionals.

In his address, Dr. Abdulraheem emphasized the critical importance of adhering to legal and ethical standards in journalism. He urged participants to be vigilant about defamation laws, cyberbullying, and cyberstalking when crafting stories for traditional and social media. Highlighting the necessity of upholding journalistic principles and maintaining unblemished professional conduct, he stated, "Journalists must be guided by the highest ethical standards, especially in this digital age where information spreads rapidly and widely."

Dr. Abdulraheem also directed a poignant message to government spokespersons, advising them against engaging in unethical practices to please their appointing authorities. He stressed the importance of civility and urged them to avoid using offensive language or innuendos when communicating government information. "Government spokespersons should aim to inform the public with integrity and respect, rather than antagonism or abuse," he asserted.

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Furthermore, he addressed the challenges posed by citizen journalism and the pervasive spread of fake news on social media. Dr. Abdulraheem noted that the advent of social media has significantly fractured ethical journalism principles, with many individuals disseminating substandard and libelous content. "The social media space is increasingly filled with fake news and misinformation, posing a danger to informed public discourse," he warned.

The engaging lecture concluded with a dynamic question-and-answer session, where participants had the opportunity to seek clarification on the topic. Dr. Abdulraheem's insights and practical advice left a lasting impression on the audience, who expressed their appreciation for his expertise and guidance.

To honor his invaluable contribution, the Vice-Chancellor of TAU, Prof. Francisca Oladipo, presented Dr. Abdulraheem with a certificate of appreciation. Prof. Oladipo praised Dr. Abdulraheem's dedication to upholding journalistic integrity and his impactful role in media and communication.

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The 1st ACSPN Empowerment Series at TAU not only marked a significant milestone for the university but also set a high standard for future events aimed at fostering growth, knowledge sharing, and ethical practices in the field of communication.