"School Love is a Scam", Ebonyi State University Warns Students

Ebonyi State University authority cautions students against investing in romantic relationships on campus, citing risks of academic failure and financial strain. Message advises prioritizing education and personal development over love, sparking debate among students.

"School Love is a Scam", Ebonyi State University Warns Students
Ebonyi State University

In a recent communication addressed to undergraduate students, the management of Ebonyi State University (EBSU) has issued a stark warning regarding romantic relationships among students. The message, disseminated through official channels, highlights the perceived pitfalls and risks associated with such relationships.

The message, attributed to an undisclosed source within the institution, asserts with firm conviction that the vast majority of relationships between students are unlikely to endure beyond the confines of campus life. It cautions against investing emotional and financial resources into such relationships, characterizing them as "nonsense" and a "waste of time."

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The communication urges students, particularly women, to prioritize their education and financial responsibilities over romantic entanglements. It admonishes against spending essential resources such as school fees and house rent on partners, warning of potential negative consequences such as academic failure or unwanted pregnancies.

Furthermore, the message underscores the disparity in outcomes between genders, cautioning male students against distraction from their academic pursuits by romantic interests. It emphasizes the importance of graduating and establishing oneself financially before engaging in serious relationships.

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While the message acknowledges that some students may choose to marry while still in school, it maintains a stance of detachment, urging individuals to prioritize personal and academic development above all else.

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This communication has sparked debate and reflection among students, with some expressing gratitude for the candid advice, while others criticize it as overly pessimistic or dismissive of genuine relationships that may form during the college years.

As the discourse unfolds, EBSU students are left to contemplate the balance between matters of the heart and the pursuit of academic and professional success. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story.