Skyline University Nigeria hosts renowned Authors on Writing and Publication

Skyline University Nigeria hosts renowned Authors on Writing and Publication

Skyline University Nigeria hosts renowned Authors on Writing and Publication

The library department at Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) has organized a one-day workshop for operational and faculty staff on creative writing and publishing. The event took place on 4th March, 2024 at the university’s conference hall.

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The workshop hosted Mr. Anantram Ganapati, Dr. Meenakshi Anantram and Dr. Isma’il Bala, renowned authors who have gained wide accolades from around the world with their distinctive creative works of art.


In his opening remarks, the registrar of SUN, Mr. Ahmed Muhammed Abdullahi, who spoke on behalf of the Vice chancellor, Prof. Ajith Kumar V. V., said creative writing is indeed an extraordinary journey. He welcomed the guest speakers for agreeing to share their wonderful insights with SUN staff as successful authors.

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Mr. Anantram Ganapati, who was the first speaker, admitted that “out of 100 percent of people who intend to write, only 5 percent get to actually publish their collective thoughts.” He also said that “writing your story is a legacy that you will leave for the future generation.”


He advised potential writers to avoid distractions and plagiarism, find a niche, identify a writing style and take writing as a legacy for a successful writing career.

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The second speaker, Dr. Meenakshi Anantram, the wife of Mr. Anantram Ganaparti, stated that she has been tremendously inspired by her husband as she journeyed through her phase of self-discovery and writing career. She explained that she is proud to have published an Amazon best-selling publication alongside her husband.


She added that “unless you’re able to speak, you cannot be able to tell your story.” Dr. Anantram then advised the staff to have a circle of influence who would propel them to document success in their writing journey.


In his brief speech, Dr. Isma’il Bala, a seasoned Nigerian author, said that his interest in writing was carefully identified by one of his tutors during his early education. He gave a recap of how the Creative Writer’s Forum, an initiative supported by the British Council, widened his horizons in the field of writing. Dr. Bala remarked that “writing gives meaning to life.”


He explained that through writing, people are able to make sense of their world and learn from the experiences of others.


Delivering the closing remarks, Prof. Bashiru Adeniyi Omipidan, the dean of the School of Legal Studies (SLS), expressed his gratitude to the invited guests as he narrated some of his experiences with writing. He thanked the management of SUN for inviting them and encouraged the staff to imbibe the habit of writing.


Prof. Omipidan also appreciated some of the university’s principal officers who graced the event Mr. Abubakar Sadiq Isma’il, the Director of Marketing and Communications (DOMC), the Dean of the School of Arts, Social and Management Sciences (SAMSS), Dr. Sudha Mavuri, HODs, faculty and other operational staff.