WAEC: School centre disqualified despite completing registration process.

The school's disqualification as a WAEC examination centre, leaves students and parents in a state of uncertainty and distress.

WAEC: School centre disqualified despite completing registration process.

A report on May 13th surfaced detailing the unexpected disqualification of Tendril Academy in Port Harcourt from serving as a WAEC examination center, despite having completed due registration processes.

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The report underscored the negligence exhibited by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) office, highlighting that the designated contact person responsible for registration was on leave, resulting in unfinished tasks.

Quoting a concerned individual, the report relayed, "Dear WAEC, my sibling's school, Tendril Academy in Port Harcourt, recently convened an emergency meeting for all parents to address your decision to disqualify them from participating in the upcoming WAEC examination. An exam that is starting tomorrow? Kindly explain because the amount of money that has gone into this cannot be lost."

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Furthermore, the report stated, "The school confirmed that this would have marked their 4th consecutive year as a WAEC examination center. They diligently adhered to due processes but were dismayed to receive the unfortunate news that WAEC had not registered their center for this year's examination, leaving both students and parents in a state of distress."

The report captured the noticeable urgency and frustration of the situation, particularly considering that the WAEC examination had already commenced, leaving students and parents stranded.